Arriving in Leeds

Hello again!

I arrived in Leeds after a week of traveling on Wednesday that 17th. Leeds is a beautiful city, very much like Denton in that it is a booming college town. I’ve been busy with orientations, getting moved in, and running errands, but it has all been fun and exciting. Everyone (students, teachers, tutors, orientation leaders, etc.) has been SO welcoming and helpful.

My first music orientation was yesterday, and my personal tutor, Jo Fairley, is a very sweet and kind lady. We took a tour of the music building and got to meet other music students from Leeds who just returned from their year abroad.

Classes start Monday, and I’ve had plenty of time to get prepared for them. I’ll be taking a Music History class focusing on the Judeo/Christian history, as well as lessons, orchestra, and a core discovery class.

I traveled to Paris and London for about a week before coming to Leeds, and I would highly recommend doing that for anyone wanting to go abroad. Being in the UK gives you a much better opportunity to travel to the other countries. So if you have the time and extra money (although the University of Leeds plans some fairly inexpensive trips, which is great), you should absolutely travel!

The last thing I’ll say is that culture shock is more prominent than I thought it would be. I think I assumed that since England speaks the same language as we do that culture shock wouldn’t be a thing, but I was quite wrong. There are big and little things that the British do differently, which can cause some culture-sickness as you try and figure out how to get things to work. Obviously the cars drive on the opposite side, but little things like getting the washer/dryer to work, getting around the city, etc., take a lot more time and effort than I planned. However, if you go about it with a learning attitude, you should be fine!

One last thing, I ended up getting private accommodation, which is cheaper (typically) than the university residence. I do like it, but it’s a bit old. If you get private accommodation, make sure that the Landlord is a recommended landlord by the University. Thankfully, mine is, but just check with the university. They should send you a link to it when you go.

Here are some pictures of my time in Paris, London, and now Leeds –

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This is a park basically in the back yard of where I live.

The eiffel tower in Paris! Sorry, couldn’t figure out how to rotate it.

Windsor Castle, where the Queen lives, near London.


Hampton Court Palace, where King Henry VIII lived.


Buckingham Palace Royal Marching Band.


St. Paul’s Cathedral, London

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre


Walking down the long walk towards Windsor Castle

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