Cindy Blackman…

Cindy Balckmans performance was in combination with Dianne Reeves as a double concert. Although I am not entirely sure why because their styles and audiences varied so much there was not any common ground between them. Although It was a headline concert at the Jazz Festival, I do not feel I am best suited to write a review of the music so much because I am not too familiar with heavy metal or rock music. But as a reflection, firstly; the performance space being a  classical concert hall was not a good room suited for this style when the drummer is planning on striking the drums and cymbals with as much force as possible. I can not speak on behalf of the whole show because I left with a third of the audience half way through the performance. But generally I would say this was not the best of acts to follow Dianne Reeves on the closing day of the festival. If you want to hear more about it, here is a link to the Swedish newspaper review of the show that gave it a 1 out of 6 rating and starting out with the sentence “Like a two hour long drum solo”

Posted on October 29, 2013 by Nils Mossblad

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