A Funky Evening With Snarky Puppy

Much to my expectation, Friday night was a great night and as usual Snarky Puppy brought an intense great show with them. This was their first performance EVER in Scandinavia and it was to a sold out crowd. After a week of lecturing and master classes in the Netherlands, this Friday was their third consecutive day without sleep, but you could not tell that at all from their performance. Playing a lot of new music with some of the classis that every Snarky Puppy fan knows they kept everyone’s head bobbing the whole show. Performing all original compositions by Michael League, the sophisticated way in which this group combines more popular alluring grooves without determined section lengths, and complex harmonies and rhythms with individual improvisation creates an  atmosphere that keeps the listener interested and wanting more. No one song is ever exactly the same as the last time it was performed and much of the time tunes will even take new directions from spur of the moment ideas or figures played by someone in the band. After the show, regardless of the fact they were leaving for the airport at 5 am, the whole band stuck around, signed CD’s and just hung around the bar talking with people. They apparently really liked it in Sweden and I think the audience loved the show, so I think it is safe to say they will be returning again soon.

And to top the evening off during the Jam session after the show, there was a special guest appearance by the great Avishai Cohen who had just finished his concert down the street and he came by just to listen. But of course when people saw that he was there, the leader of the Jam session called him up, and being the willing musician he his, he went up with his group and played two tunes for us. It was a great way to end the awesome evening that Snarky Puppy had started.

Posted on October 27, 2013 by Nils Mossblad

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