Gigging in Stockholm

I must stay that one of the only downfalls of doing a study broad for one semester is that right as you begin to put together a group of musicians that your really enjoy playing with and want to start giging, it’s pretty much time to go. It is crazy to think that my time here is almost done! I only have two and a half more weeks yet it feels like I just came!!! Never the less, this past Wednesday I had a gig with the quartet I put together in a small pub in Gamla Stan called Santa Clara. Together with Michael (the other student from UNT) and two Swedish students from our school on Guitar and Bass, we played a combination of standard tunes, and a few more modern less known ones. Many people came out to the gig, everywhere from general public and school students, to other exchange students and family. It was almost a packed house and with such a supportive crowd it made the environment for playing very fun. It was nice to finally get the chance to play outside of school and we got a great response from everyone that came! We even got some people who are not jazz fans to come out and they said they really enjoyed it so maybe they will be joining us on the dark side soon enough.


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