Ice Bar Stockholm

If you haven’t heard of the Ice Hotel of Sweden, I would say it is definitely something worth looking into. This amazing structure which is located in northern Sweden, is the largest and most luxurious hotel in the world completely made of Ice. Constructed of 31,000 tonnes of snow and ice from the Torne River, everything from the walls, doors and tables to the beds, glasses and chairs are all made of ice. This marvel is reconstructed every year and visited by over 50,000 people annually.

Unfortunately due to the expense and time I was in Sweden I was not able to visit the actual hotel…. BUT I was able to experience the next best thing and got to the Ice Bar in Stockholm which is organized by the same company. It is located in the middle of the city just a block down the street from the Jazz Club Fasching and is a popular spot. After paying an initial fee to get in, we were all given ponchos and a ticket for one Vodka drink. As we opened the heavy insulated door, the breaths in front of us turned to vapors and our cheeks were chilled. Everything was ice. The benches, the walls, the art and even the glasses we received our drinks in. It was a very cool place to be (no pun intended), and surprisingly we were not as cold as we expected. The only thing I wish was that they had given us better gloves, because our fingers were frozen. But over all it was definitely worth the trip. Now its time to go visit the full Hotel!!


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