An Irreplaceable Experience

Wow. Here I am sitting at home its crazy to think that my trip is over. Looking back, I could not have asked for anything more from my Exchange experience. Originally I was a little bit nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Having family in the city, I had been to Stockholm before, but I had never stayed longer than a few weeks, let alone on my own. But everything just seemed to work out great.

Right off the bat I made tons of great friends from all over the world who were also studying abroad in Sweden and living close to me.  We did things together a lot and now I have fellow musicians and friends to stay connected with from over 10 countries around the world. As soon as school started I knew it would be a great semester. First off, as classes began I started to see the way that they taught over there and really learn the Swedish style. I was excited because it is a very different style and way of learning from the schooling I am used to and it helped give me a new way to listen to music and think about what I play.

And the people I met were just wonderful. I made friends in Sweden that I will be sure to visit and stay in touch with forever. We jammed weekly and they showed me everything great about the city from the good bars and shopping areas to beautiful spots in the city and the best Jazz Clubs. As I started to know my way around I began to see more and more live music and amazing performances every week. It was phenomenal the inspiration I could go find on any given night. All different levels and styles all over the city. I am really going to miss Stockholm. It was amazing experience that I would never take back. The life long friends I made, the experiences I had, the things I saw, the music I heard and the knowledge I learned both musically and culturally could never be replaced. I never knew there was so much to see until I actually experienced it.

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