Last Day of the Festival with Dianne Reeves

Never have I seen Dianne perform live before but man, she puts on a powerful show. First off, her voice alone is a massive force that fills the room and as a Jazz Legend and phenomenal vocalist, she definitely knows how to use it. I would not say her show was a “traditional” jazz show, but more a showcase of the range of styles that Jazz can cover. All the way from some Swing and Blues to Funk, Spanish, and even African styles, she covered a large variety of tunes in her show so every song provided a new sound. And on top of that in addition to her great communication with the audience, the control of her instrument was a demonstration of years of practice. During her improvisational solos you could really see that she was having fun with the band. And using interval leaps of over an octave, long held out powerful blues notes and fast bebop lines all without question of weather they were in tune it was clear she was not “distracted” by her thoughts of using correct technique, it was just natural. At the end of her show I was actually hoping she would come out and sing a few more tunes, but in the end, it was a great show for the last day of the festival.

Posted on October 29, 2013 by Nils Mossblad

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