Czech Republic and Central Europe

Fantasmi! tour expected to thrill

Students, faculty and alumni from the University of North Texas College of Music are headed to Europe for an 11-concert, three-country tour in Germany, Austria and Croatia from July 1 (Tuesday) to July 21 (Monday). Current and former members of the UNT Baroque Orchestra, the UNT Collegium Singers and special guests will come together to perform as a baroque ensemble called “Fantasmi.”

UNT Voice Prof Summer Visit to Czech Republic

UNT faculty member Lynn Eustis (soprano) and alumnus Brian Nedvin (tenor) will present a series of concerts in the Czech Republic this summer as part of the International Dvořák Society’s American Spring Festival. These concerts will feature compositions of American composers, but also works by Czech-Americans and Czech composers written during their stay in the US. For more information, visit the festival website.

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